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Eight Days Down – 92 To Go!

Eight Days down – 92 to go!

So, its been a week already. And I couldn’t have picked a worse week for starting a daily drawing habit if I’d tried. What was I thinking signing up to do The 100 Days Project again?

I knew it was a mad thing to do.

Isn’t it always the way? Those weeks when you’re careering headlong through the days, wild-eyed and disheveled, finding yourself slumped over the keyboard at 11.30 in the evening, Wacom pen in one hand glass of shiraz in the other….those are the weeks when more work just keeps coming through the doors.

What’s the answer? I know… lets just add in an extra 45 minutes a day of sketching!


Anyway, here I am. Day nine. Survived this far…you can check out Days One to Eight here.

Only 92 more days to go.

It’ll be a breeze.

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