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About Me

Originally from Lancashire in the North West of England (that’s right….the part where it rains a LOT), I emigrated to New Zealand in 2001 with my partner Tim.

We now have three beautiful children and a fantastic life here in Nelson. It’s an outdoor life – walking, mountain biking, camping…enjoying all the wonderful things New Zealand has to offer.

Having grown up with a great love of art and drawing throughout my childhood and teenage years, by the time university came round my life had taken a different direction and I headed off into the travel industry. And so my art took a back seat for a while.

One day a friend asked me to do some web design for him, and my creative journey began again. I’ve been designing websites and offering graphic design services to local businesses for a number of years now. I’ve also developed a passion for creating artworks which I turn into both digital and hand made prints.

So now I have the best of both worlds, a wonderful lifestyle…and the opportunity to do something creative every day.

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