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Almost There…not!

Almost there…not!

I did say the 100 Days Project was a mad thing to do, didn’t I? But did I listen? No, I did not.

I’d like to be able to say that…here, on Day 99…I’m almost there. That I was able to commit to the daily ritual of creating, and that it would gradually become an ingrained habit – a bit like remembering to get up in the morning, clean your teeth…. feed the dog. Doing it just because that’s what you do.

Sadly, I’m not in that place. Well, ok, I do remember to get up every day and do the teeth thing,  and the dog makes sure I don’t forget his breakfast (incidentally on occasion he has been known to con a second breakfast out of me) but the daily creative thing…that’s not been so easy.

The trouble is that life gets in the way. Kids get in the way. Work gets in the way. Things like doing a bit of drawing, purely for your own pleasure and progress seems such a self-indulgent thing to be doing, and so it gets shuffled further and further down the list of ‘stuff that absolutely needs to get done today or the wheel will fall off.’

In my defense, the ‘work’ that gets in the way is of a creative nature, so I figure that technically I’ve still been keeping up with the programme. Hmmm.

Things like doing a bit of drawing for pleasure gets shuffled further and further down the list of ‘stuff that absolutely needs to get done today before the wheel falls off.’

Anyway, I’m almost at the half way mark. (Take a look at my 100 Day Project here.)I’ve made it to Europe. Daughter #3 who has been looking over my shoulder often as I furiously scribble to try and catch up, said to me, ‘Mummy, its really good that you’re not giving up and you’re trying your hardest. Even though you’re not going to make it.’ Ahh…from the mouths of babes.

The good news (?!) is that it appears you can continue to upload to the project after Day 100 (i.e. tomorrow), so I am ever hopeful that I will complete the journey and end up back in New Zealand.

Though at the rate I’m going it might be closer to Day 300 by the time I get there.

If you want to take a look at some properly organised 100 Dayers and their extensive bodies of work, all 99 days of it – which IS almost there, check out  100 Days Project. Particularly have a look at the wonderful work by the very lovely Georgia Barber and Anna Aceves.

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